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Breathe. Stretch. Travel. Thrive.


Practicing Yoga in the Comfort of Your RV or Outdoors

The Tripping Yogi yoga pose

I am a Traveling Yoga Instructor offering RV Yoga and other Outdoor Yoga Events.  

RV Yoga Videos

Designed to be done in any type of RV. From a Motorhome to a Casita; I've considered narrow aisle widths, limited floor space and lower ceiling heights.

Enjoy a chair yoga practice or a floor yoga practice.  You don't even need a yoga mat.

Outdoor Yoga Videos

I'm always searching for a outdoor yoga spot. The connection between nature and yoga is is very strong. Nature offers unique places and ways to be creative in you practice.


I hope these outdoor yoga videos inspire you to practice outside and use things your find in nature as your yoga props. 

Please consider any illness or injuries you have. Consult your doctor if you are unsure if yoga is right for you.

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