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RV Yoga Retreats 
Connecting Mind, Body & Spirits 

Wondering what an
RV Yoga Retreat is like?

 Watch the video and explore the joy of attending a retreat designed for the RV community.

Next RV Retreat:  
Forgotten Coast Body, Mind & Spirits 
November 6-13, 2024 
Port St. Joe, Florida 
We focus on your personal well-being

RV life is special - freedom to travel, freedom to set your own schedule, and the time to explore all life has to offer.  


Yet, there’s something missing - community and the connections you find when you practice yoga. 

For many of us, practicing yoga on the road is different than in the studio. It’s tough to build a sustainable yoga practice when you practice alone and your schedule and location is always changing.  


RV Yoga Retreats are dedicated to building sustainable practices to soothe your mind, body, and spirits while building your RV Yoga community.

Past highlights from Sedona, Arizona retreat: 


  • Start your day off right with meditation. This guided practice will help you incorporate meditation into your life. As an RV traveler your yoga journey is unique. Bring meditation into your practice and reap the benefits.


Morning Yoga

  • Shortly after our meditation sessions we transition into a morning yoga session. This teaches you how to practice in a park setting and create a sustainable yoga practice. Begin your day with rejuvenating yoga that uses breath and deep stretching to replenish and energize your being. 

Amitabha Stupa Peace Park Tour

  • Take a spiritual journey with us on our visit to the Amitabha Stupa Peace Park. This hike incorporates movement, nature, and spirituality. The sacred stupa has been visited by travelers around the world for peace, prayer, and healing.


Afternoon Restorative Yoga

  • A sustainable practice for RV travelers to restore the body. This practice isn’t only about using stretching and poses to help the body - but also restoring your zen. The road can be hectic and stressful. Your mind and spirit needs restoring too.


Holistic Creative Practices

  • Rejuvenate yourself holistically with activities such as essential oil use and zentangles. These practices encourage alignment of your mind, body, and spirit. Learn how therapeutic practices can be added to your lifestyle to sustain balance.


Vortex Hiking 

  • Another incredible hike where we experience the energy of earth’s vertices. Sedona is special - it’s one of the few places on earth with elevated energy levels. Sprinkling yoga into our hike we'll capture this energy.  There are stories of unusual spiritual experiences in the red rocks. 


Drumming Circle

  • Experience the enchantment of Sedona and participate in a guided drum circle. It begins with a drumming lesson followed by a spiritual drum circle. Find tranquility and fluid movement in learning how the rhythm of the drum beats soothes your soul. 


Sacred Practices

  • Learn how to incorporate sacred yoga into your sustainable practice. Under the full moon we will create a sacred environment, make moon water infused with our intentions and bask in this unique energy. Respecting this natural phenomenon can be restorative and healing.  


 Verde Ranch RV Resort created the perfect retreat experience.

Verde Ranch was planned with relaxation in mind and built with impeccable attention to detail.


Sleeping in your own bed, pampering yourself with wonderful amenities and beautiful surroundings contribute to your rejuvenation and well-being. 

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