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Breathe. Stretch. Travel. Thrive.

Outdoors Yoga Class

Small Group Class

Enjoy a small group class with family, friends or join a class. Provided

in-person or virtually.

Working Out at Home

Private 1x1

Designed for your interests and needs. Provided in-person or virtually.

Senior Yoga Class


Enhance your biking, hiking, running, kayaking and pickle ball with specialized stretch sequences to increase mobility, reduce muscle and injury.  

Practicing Yoga


Make new traveling friends by joining me at an RV event and practice yoga with like-minded travelers. Provided in-person.

Outdoor Yoga

RV Yoga Retreats

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit by joining an RVer focused yoga treat. 

Inside the RV

RV Yoga Practices

Yoga sequences/practices designed to the aisle width, height and floor space measurements of your RV from casita to motorhome.

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