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Breathe. Stretch. Travel. Thrive.



As many people do, I came to yoga reluctantly.


As a side hustle I was a part-time Group Exercise Teacher. I didn't think yoga was a real workout and had no interest in it.


Things changed in 1999.  A shoulder injury from lifting weights and work stress from my career, brought me to my first class on the recommendation of my physical therapist.


I didn't like my first yoga class.  It wasn’t for me.  I wasn't flexible.  I was very nervous about the yoga poses, feeling like a pretzel and the strange terminology. 


Through much encouragement I continued to go to beginner classes. By the fourth class I was hooked. I started going to classes 3-5 times a week. I couldn’t believe how strong, flexible, calm and lighter in spirit I was becoming. I was able to avoid shoulder surgery. I enjoyed learning the names of the poses and what each pose/stretch was intended to do for my body.  In my "real life" I was a corporate Human Resources executive and very stressed. 


Within 6 months of my first class, I went for my Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. I started teaching yoga classes along with my group exercise classes.  I began incorporating "stretches" in my group classes and people loved it. 


During the following years I traveled extensively for business and sought out yoga classes wherever I went. I’ve studied with many renowned yoga teachers, learned many styles of yoga and yogic philosophies.


My group exercise background and yoga approach enable me to effectively teach students of different abilities, whether beginner yoga or advanced, mens, kids or senior yoga.   I have practiced yoga for over twenty years, have taught nearly 3000 hours of classes and visited over 425 yoga studios. 


My mission as The Tripping Yogi and a full-time RVer is to help motivate RVers to maintain their health and fitness routines while traveling.


I teach RV Yoga classes at RV rallies and events, RV resorts and campgrounds, retreats, large association gatherings, festivals, guest-teach at studios during my travels and give private one-on-one sessions. I love teaching yoga for beginners, working with groups and kids, too! 


Outdoor Yoga Classes and Retreats Include:

  • Beginner Yoga for Seniors

  • Yoga for Beginners Classes

  • Kids Yoga Classes

  • Yoga and Hiking Retreats

  • Mountain Yoga Retreats

  • Beach Yoga Retreats


I'm busy working on RV Events and Yoga Retreats for 2022, check schedule.  


Contact me  to teach outdoor yoga at your next event!

Theresé Julo teaching beginner yoga class in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico Yoga Retreat 

I believe in yoga and the ability it has to change lives. I've seen it in the struggles, successes, and stories of my students.

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