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The Tripping Yogi: Traveling Yoga Instructor

Breathe. Stretch. Travel. Thrive.

The RV Story...

At an RV rally years ago, several people saw me practicing yoga outside my RV

and stopped to talk. They said” you look like you know what you’re doing”.  


I laughed and said I’m a yoga teacher.  They asked me to teach a yoga class,

since the rally wasn’t offering any classes. I said, I’d love to.  This kept happening

as we traveled and it gave me the inspiration for The Tripping Yogi.  


As we traveled and I taught classes at RV events. I talked to people about their

biggest challenges trying to keep up their yoga practices as RVers.  Their responses had

themes which bothered me. I saw patterns of how difficult it was for people to keep practicing,

begin yoga and stay connected to a yoga community.  Many folks had stopped practicing and

missed their practices tremendously.


This really weighted on my mind. I had never considered giving up my yoga practice when I became an RVer. But I have learned to practice differently than I did before.  Their responses mainly fell into two categories: The Practicing Yogi and People Interested in Yoga.


The Practicing Yogi:

  • My rig is too small. I'm limited by the space. 

  • I miss my home yoga studio and my yoga buddies.

  • I feel limited to doing a few poses without a teacher guiding me.

  • I share my rig with my partner/family and I don't have a quiet space.

  • Yoga videos are good, but they can't replace the teacher and student relationship.

  • Without scheduled classes, I have a hard time keeping up with my yoga routine on the road.

Interested in Yoga:

  • I want to try yoga, but I’m not flexible and don't know how to get started.*

  • I don't have a car, only my RV so I can't drive around looking for a yoga studio.* 

  • I'm not familiar enough with the different styles of yoga to pick a studio without help.​*

  • I taught myself yoga by watching videos. But I don't know if I'm doing poses the right way.*

Do these resonate with you?  

From that one day practicing outside my RV, The Tripping Yogi Club has blossomed to well over 500 RV 

yoga nomads who found new ways to keep up their yoga practices on the road. And so can you!

Encourage your RV manufacturer or RV club to offer yoga at their events so you can keep up your practice on the road.  Look for our club sticker to find a fellow yogi and join the club.

* If you're new to yoga, please read my Beginner Yoga information. It will help you get started by answering your questions, describing how I structure my classes and decide if you would prefer to start with a one-on-one private session.

The Tripping Yogi yoga pose
The Tripping Yogi FINAL.png

How The Tipping Yogi Began

I also host the Escapees RV Club Yoga Group:
Escapees RV Club: Birds of a Feather Yoga Community

As an Escapees RV Club member you can join the traveling yoga community which brings together people interested in maintaining their health and wellness through yoga.

All are welcome whether you’re a dedicated yogi or curious about learning yoga. We practice yoga together at Escapades and Convergences and other meetups.  Share recommendations for yoga teachers, studios, retreats and amazing places to practice we encounter in our travels. 

We support each other in progressing our practices and healthy lifestyles while we travel. Help those new to yoga begin their practices. 

The Facebook group is called Escapees Traveling Yogi BOF.  Please have your SKP membership number handy when you join.

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