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RV Yoga: Stretch It Out

Check out my recent article in Escapees magazine:

Stretch It Out

End the Aches and Pains of Travel Days

RV Yoga: Escapees RV Club Magazine Stretch It Out Article by Therese Julo

“My back is tight!”“I’m so sore.” “Everything hurts!” How often have you said this at the end of a long travel day? I’ve said these and much worse after driving five or more hours a day and feeling like roadkill. I know better than this! I’m a traveling yoga teacher. I was determined to develop quick and easy ways to end travel stiffness and fatigue and help my fellow RVers. RV Yoga stretches are the perfect way to reduce stiffness – so I wrote up this article for Escapees Magazine Janurary/February 2021 issue that discusses the benefits of yoga stretching as well as Six Stretches for RV Travel Days. Get a peak of my article below. To get issues of this info-packed publication, join the Escapees RV Club. I hope to be writing again for them soon!

RV Yoga: Stretch It Out Article in Escapees RV Club Magazine

Stay tuned, I hope to be writing more RV yoga & stretching articles for Escapees RV Club in the future!

View more RV Yoga Stretches: I enjoy writing about yoga and exercise, check out my RV Yoga Blog for more yoga stretches and information to help you feel better while living the RV lifestyle.

I also offer several free RV Yoga Guides to help you wherever you may be including:

RV Yoga: Traveling Yogi Classes and Yoga Retreats

Traveling Yogi Classes & Retreats: I love teaching RV Yoga classes at RV rallies and events, resorts and campgrounds. I also host and plan Yoga Retreats for groups large and small. I often guest-teach at studios during my travels and give private one-on-one sessions to RVers across the country, depending on where we're currently RVing. I enjoy teaching yoga with beginners and kids, and do a lot of Men's Yoga classes, too, so reach out and we can talk about how we can work together.

RV Yoga - Yoga Classes for Men with a Traveling Yogi

Looking for more RV Yoga Inspiration?

Looking for a Yoga Instructor for your next event or want help planning a Yoga Retreat? I love planning events for RV Clubs, organizations, groups, schools and retreats. I work with every level from beginners to experts, and love working with both adults and kids.

  • Contact me today to discuss your yoga needs, let’s be on the health and wellness road together!


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