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Breathe. Stretch. Travel. Thrive.


I'm a passionate yogi, and a businesswoman who wants to grow the yoga community by helping studios thrive and teachers grow.  In the true practice of karma, I interview local studio owners and teachers and help promote them throughout my RV and yoga communities. 


I’m happy to share my business knowledge for free.





My work as a corporate HR executive focused on helping businesses develop strategies for growth, specifically by addressing ways to increase engagement and involvement. My position required a great deal of global travel. I was able to visit yoga studios around the world and talk with many studio owners and teachers. To date I have visited over four hundred yoga studios.


The knowledge and skills I acquired during my corporate tenure and travels lead me to manage several yoga studios, and helped me open my own studio.  I have experienced the business of yoga from many perspectives.


Helping the yoga community grow is part of the inspiration for The tripping Yogi.

Cape Fear Fitness
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