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Breathe. Stretch. Travel. Thrive.


Travel Stretches

Rest Area Stretches for RVers

Feeling Stiff from a Long Day of RV Travel?

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“My back is tight!”   “I’m so sore.”   “Everything hurts!”

How often have you said this as you've gotten out of your truck, motorhome, skoolie, class B/C or car?


Here are 6 easy stretches with photos and instructions. Stretch at rest areas or roadsides and get back on the road feeling good! 


Download PDF to your phone so you have the stretches handy when you stop.

Step-by-Step Guides

A Guide to Setting Intentions to the New Moon 

Creating a ritual to set intentions for the new moon and the full moon are powerful ways to connect with the universe on the moon’s cycles.  Moon rituals range from very simple to very elaborate.  Here's a simple guide to get you started on setting your intentions. 

I'd be thrilled to hear how you're manifesting your intentions! 

Guide to Setting your Intentions.pdf

Download PDF to so you have it handy when you write your intentions.

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