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Morning Yoga Routine: RV Yoga

If you are living in your RV or just camping for the weekend, here is a great 3 minute morning yoga routine that you can do while up in the mountains, lake, beach or in the desert. For more outdoor yoga routine videos, visit my RV Yoga Videos page »

In this quiet yoga video above, listen to the birds and follow along for the perfect morning yoga routine to start your day outside! Beginning your day with yoga will stretch and loosen up stiff joints and muscles so that you can enjoy a day hiking, sight-seeing or traveling.

Need help finding a good place to practice Outdoor Yoga?

My name Theresé and I am a Traveling Yoga Teacher and full-time RVer. When we first got out on the road I found it so challenging to do yoga because I couldn't find a good yoga spot. Our environment was changing every few days and there was nowhere that provided really level ground to roll out my mat. I started to lose my motivation to practice. I have a very strong commitment to yoga not finding a place to practice became was depressing. I quickly figured out that I had to find ways to use the environment to do yoga, and so I did! Check out my Outdoor Yoga Guide which is full of ideas on finding a good location to practice your yoga no matter where you're staying. In this post, I mention lots of great places to practice yoga that you may not have thought of!

Morning Yoga Routine: RV Yoga - practice Outdoor Yoga

A little more about me... I am a traveling yogi, and my husband and I live full time in our RV! I love teaching yoga at different RV Club events and campgrounds. I collaborate with RV Clubs, Organizations, Associations and schools to offer outdoor yoga classes, yoga retreats and yoga events. Please reach out and we can discuss the perfect outdoor yoga classes for your next event or gathering. To view more routines, visit my RV Yoga Videos page »


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