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Body, Mind & Spirits RV Yoga Retreat
Registration Opens May 15, 2024
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Helping RVers Stay Healthy on the Road!

RV life is a wonderful and different lifestyle. It's hard to focus on your health the same way you did at home.  I found it hard too. The Tripping Yogi was born from the desire to help people stay healthy on the road and keep connected to community. 

I'm Theresé Julo, a traveling yoga and meditation teacher
, and a full-time RVer.  

Tailor-made for the RVers, I host a traveling wellness community, teach classes, privates, workshops and host wellness retreats.


RV Yoga: The Tripping Yogi Traveling Yoga Instructor

Here's easy ways to stay connected:

Outdoor Yoga: Sunrise yoga class on the beach in Cerritos Mexico


Hi, I'm Theresé or TJ

I simply love yoga.  It’s come to define my life and so much of who I am.  


As a full-time RVer, I saw a need to help RVer's who love yoga maintain their yoga practices and fitness on the road.  


It's difficult to practice yoga in the same way you did at home with limited space. And it's even harder to pull an RV up to a yoga studio.  


I bring all the benefits of a yoga studio to your RVs front door. 

Read the story of why I started The Tripping Yogi to serve the unique needs of the RV community.  I love to teach beginner to advanced yoga classes, workshops and retreats at RV events.  

I have truly seen and received the health benefits yoga provides through my 20+ years of teaching yoga.


I'm a Hatha based teacher and a continual student of the ever-evolving styles of yoga. I like to consider my classes a playful practice that newbies to practicing yogis can enjoy.

My mission is to help my students exercise and practice yoga that works best for them, within the capabilities of their bodies, so they can improve their overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

I believe yoga is a practice of the body, mind and spirit that heightens your sense of gratitude and appreciation to enjoy life.  

With kindness, Theresé


RV Yoga: The Tripping Yogi, Traveling Yoga Teacher
Outdoor Yoga Classes with The Tripping Yogi


June 14 to 24, 2024

Escapees Annual Escapade

Rock Springs, WY  

 Come be part of daily yoga classes at the biggest annual gathering of the RV community and enjoy workshops, entertainment, kids yoga and rekindling friendships.

August 1 to 8, 2024

Southern Oregon Coast Hangout

Brookings, OR

Stunning views everywhere you look. Stretching from the border with California to the iconic Bandon Beach, this region boasts a coastline marked by dramatic sea stacks, pristine sandy shores, enchanting tide pools, and coastal redwood forests.  setting the backdrop to immerse in your self-care. 

November 6- to 13, 2024

Body, Mind & Spirits Hangout

Port St. Joe, Florida

Escape to the tranquil beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and immerse yourself in the natural healing powers of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters to reconnect to the bliss that resides within you.


"Theresé is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher, well versed in many forms of yoga with a dedicated focus to her students and their well-being.  She’s very in-tune to people and has an innate sense of their needs.”


The Tripping Yogi yoga students carrying yoga mats
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